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DELTAPACK FRANCE was present at the big fruit fair in Berlin "Fruits logistica 2019" from February 6 to 8, 2019 on the Pavillon France:

To present its revolutionary pad "DELTAPAD / 5" for the export of apples safely.

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  • Fruits logistica 201902
  • Fruits logistica 201902
  • Fruits logistica 201902
  • Fruits logistica 201902



DELTAPACK France was present at the show DAWAJINE 2018 in CASABLANCA from 4/12 to 6/12/18 on the stand of its Moroccan agent the company NUTRIMIX whose manager is Mr ANWAR AMHAOUCHE.

Were exposed, the bottoms of embossed paper boxes and rolls of starter paper for day-old chicks.

Many visitors to the stand were very interested to see these 2 products on display.

They all left with technical documentation.


DAWAJINE 2018 will be a good vintage. »


DELTAPACK FRANCE present for the 2nd edition of VIV MEA in ABU DHABI

Big crowds for this 2nd edition of the VIV MEA (International Livestock Show in the Middle East and Central Africa) at ABU DHABI.

Many visits to the DELTAPACK FRANCE booth present in the FRANCE pavilion (business FRANCE)

Presentation of our technical paper solutions for breeding.

The uninterrupted affluence for 3 days, hatcheries, breeders, manufacturers of food and poultry equipment from all countries wishing to participate in the tremendous explosion of this region of the Gulf, boosted by the 2020 World Expo which will attract industrialists and investors from all over the world to conquer new markets: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, India and Morocco, guest of honor for this 2nd edition. After the visit of the governmental delegation of Abu Dhabi,  DELTAPACK FRANCE, received the honors of the very interested visit of the ambassador of France to the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Ludovic POUILLE, very concerned by the will of DELTAPACK FRANCE, to make known our French working methods and our sanitary requirements pointed , In the field of animal health and safety.
Many distributors in these 6 countries wanted to represent DELTAPACK FRANCE in their countries and thus be able to distribute our products based on technical papers and thus adapt their working methods to French know-how.


We must quickly respond to the many requests from these regions who want to benefit from our experience.

DELTAPACK FRANCE will be present for the second edition of the VIV MEA in ABU DHABI: HALL 6, D070
DELTAPACK FRANCE were present at the largest fruit trade fair in Europe to present its new creation, the DELTAPAD, ideal for transporting fruit.

DELTAPACK FRANCE exhibited at the SPACE in RENNES for the first time, rewarded by an INNOV’SPACE for DELTAMELT.



DELTAPACK FRANCE were present in 2015 at the FIGAN de Saragosse.


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